Business case HR

Resume screening and candidate selection


Manual search for candidates is very time-consuming and leads to duplication and uncoordinated efforts

The HR department of a large company is trying to effectively find candidates for open positions, spending hours searching for candidates using internal and external resources. The manual process is time-consuming and often leads to duplication and uncoordinated efforts. The daily search also demotivates HR professionals, leaving little time for direct communication with candidates.

The robotic CV screening and candidate selection process simplifies the work of the HR department. HR defines the search criteria, and the robot searches for candidates using job portals, social networks, and internal databases.

The robot prioritises resumes, removes duplicates, saves the results in a format convenient for HR, and sends them by email. If necessary, the robot can also initiate contact with candidates.

The following results were achieved through the robotisation of the described business process:

1. The speed of the process of searching for resumes that meet the specified criteria has increased by 12 times.

2. The robotisation of the process has freed up the time of HR department employees for live communication with candidates, which has improved the quality of closing vacancies.

3. The timeframe for developing the business process from the business analysis stage to industrial production was 1 month.

Together with our consultants, you need to choose one of the typical business processes on which we can conduct a pilot project and calculate the effect. The pilot project does not require any investment in licences. The estimated time for the pilot project is 2 weeks.