Robotisation of the booking process in container shipping


Long delays and errors when manually processing container orders

A logistics company faced long delays and errors when manually processing customer container orders through its website. The outdated accounting system lacked an API for integration, which made IT automation difficult. This resulted in material losses for the company due to delays in shipments.

Robotisation of online booking has reduced the number of manual errors and reduced data entry time from hours to minutes.

This minimised downtime and saved costs.

Only one employee is now required, compared to 8 previously. The robot is located in a virtual environment in the company's data centre. The robot is launched according to the schedule.

The following results were achieved through the robotisation of the described business process:

1. The speed of the business process has increased by 12 times.

2. The robotisation of the process allowed to free up 7 FTEs and to involve the freed-up resources in performing more intellectual tasks.

3. The level of manual errors was reduced to zero.

Together with our consultants, you need to choose one of the typical business processes on which we can conduct a pilot project and calculate the effect. The pilot project does not require any investment in licences. The estimated time for the pilot project is 2 weeks.